The Monk

The Monk was therefore a good man to horse:

Greyhounds he had, as swift as birds, to course.

His prominent eyeballs never seemed to settle.

They glittered like the flames beneath a kettle:

Supple his boots, his horse in fine condition.

He was a prelate fit for exhibition.

The Monk was the first wealthy  religious figure we added to the Canterbury Tales Pilgrims, giving our decorators a little more freedom. This is clearly shown by his well caparisoned horse not to mention  his elegantly beautiful hunting Hounds.  The Hounds  are often collected by non Chaucer fans as their timeless quality allows them to fit into any interior style.  Once more Rye have used the  soft shades of  Cobalt blue to great advantage  plus a little  hunting green for his hat.

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Height: 22.5 cm/8.75 inches