Walter Cole

Walter Vivian Cole with mid century Rye Pottery samples

Walter Vivian Cole with Mid-Century pieces in hand!

We are celebrating our own little anniversary here, as one of the founders of the current Rye Pottery – Wally Cole – would have been 100 today  January 21st 2013.

Whilst we reminisce, here are links to a couple of his obituaries so you can see how the national press remembered him in 1999.

And a picture that even some of us have never seen.





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A sneaky peak of a new Rye Pottery design

Rye Pottery Ram Part of our new all-white collectionWhilst you are wrapped up in your winter woolies here’s a sneak peak of a new design we are working on for 2013.

Part of our new all-white collection, this cosy coat is achieved with a decorating technique we call Tracery.

Now for a black face…



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January already!

I simply cannot believe I am already writing about January 2013,  whatever  happened to last year?  Tarquin and I thought we were about to retire and here we  still are~ me in the office and him packing the kilns and painting tiles!

Still the good news is that officially Josh and Tabby have almost taken over. They do a huge amount of the hard work now, while their vitality and enthusiasm is visble throughout the building, the shop and shop windows have really taken on a new lease of life with all their fresh ideas and thoughts. Wonderful for us oldies ~ especially in this centenary year of Wally Cole’s birth ~ to feel the third generation’s vibes and energy pulsing through everything,  from where we  make the coffee to what colourway shall we try next!


Talking of anniversaries and special dates ~   January 4th was the anniversary of Harold’s accession to the English throne in 1066, see our Bayeux Tapestry figures for more information.


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