Vintage Pottery Enquiries

I must apologise to the people who write to us hoping for information about items of pottery produced over the past 60 years by the other potteries in Rye – now ALL CLOSED.

We try to give you any information we do have, but as they were all separate businesses,  albeit mainly opened by ex-employees of Rye Pottery, I am afraid it means we have only a limited amount of  hard facts at our disposal.


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News round up

Although this seemingly endless rain has prevented some of the regular April visitors from making the dash from London to Rye this year, we have been very pleased to receve a great many compliments from all the ones who have braved the April showers. So many people seem surprised that we have managed to avoid using the standard Royal photograph as  decoration on our Jubilee Pottery, instead we have continued working with images from our very good collection of Royal Heraldry artwork to produce a souvenir that people really appreciate. We have let one customer down though, she really wanted a thimble and somehow Rye has never trodden the souvenir thimble path!

We have struggled to find out exactly how Rye Town plans to spend the Jubilee week end, but so far have found a rather large hole in the information available; however I am sure something will be happening then, and in the meantime we have looked out our Union Jack flag so it will be ready to fly from our flagpole on June 2.


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